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The Breakaway receives lengthy, glowing review in the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday Arts & Entertainm

“The Breakaway is a terrific book, a dramatic family saga told in artful prose and filled with emotional turmoil, a few surprisingly touching moments but enough dysfunction for a couple of Eugene O’Neill plays,” writes longtime Chicago Tribune scribe Rick Kogan. “It’s got some very big personalities, some nutty ones too, and, yes, there is enough hockey in it to satisfy any fan. But there is much more about business and power, love and loss, volcanic tempers and shrewd deals, and all the other elements that have conspired to create a vast and diversified fortune, and make a damaged family.”

You can read the rest of his review on the Chicago Tribune's website, "New book 'Breakaway' tells all about the Blackhawks-owning Wirtz family — and its painful saga."

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